Friday, 18 February 2011

Evalutaion one

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
I feel my music video conforms to the codes and conventions of real music video; is through the use of continuity in the location. It is vital that in a music video the audience is lead back to a reoccurring location. This helps build a relationship between the audience and band. By having the static shot of the girls singing on stage, edited in throughout, the music video conforms to this convention. Also continuity in location helps the audience develop an understanding of the narrative. The narrative is clear through the fasted paced of editing and order of shots the video seems to have a begging, middle and end (no shot was left on screen for to long). The narrative forms a relationship between the lyrics and performance. I feel in no way is it predictable, but instead connotes the genre.

In terms of developing or challenging the conventions there is only one aspect that could challenge the conventions, thus being in some of the shots there is no miming and therefore becomes more film like. I feel the codes and conventions are developed through the use of split screen. For example, by using this technique whilst editing I could successfully portray different connotations in each screen. This then anchors the narrative more clearly. The use of cinematography in my video allows there to be a number of different shots of the band this then engages the viewer and allows the video to not become tedious.

When compering my music video to one in the industry, I am automatically drawn to Boynces video ego; as this is a black and white video like mine. The use of black and white show sophistication and is a powerful analogy of a woman’s temperament, being perhaps due to the feminist movement, or due to other factors as well, women are often reacting to, and dealing with situations in a very masculine way. Considering the ideology of the band and how it is anchored through the video, this is done in the simplicity of the costumes. For example there is no given point in the video where we are half naked, we are fully dressed in casual yet sexy clothes with heels. This anchors the ideology, as we then do not appeal to a male audience. As a male may feel intimidated by the successful and dominate nature of the band. 


How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I feel that my Digipak and poster create similitude between it and the video. I feel this is successfully created through the mis-en-scene. For example the video is shot in black and white and so is the digipak. Also I used stills from the video for the photos on my digi pack. This helps draw in the audience, and allows them to feel comfortable; as it is a text they are already familiar with, therefore building a relationship between target audience and band.

The imagery on the digipak and poster is inviting and the theme is continuous throughout both. The front image of the digipak is of the band this denotes the genre and the demographics of the band members. Also it is a direct mode of address. The image is black and white with suggests sophistication, but the image is of the girls destroying a Barbie. This subtle distraction connotes that the band my not form to the stereotypical conventions of a typical girl band. 

I was continuous when choosing the images of the band, for example making sure the band were always together. Although I did break this cycle by choosing an image on the inside cover that showed one band member next to smaller representation images of stills from the video. This again was subtle but shows that the band is resilient about following the traits of a conventional girl band. For example girl bands normally are only shot together. The image on the back cover is a shot of the back of the girl's heads and looks like a silhouette. It looks as though the girls are walking into a light, which can connote that the Band are a new, and are rising to fame. Also it closes the the digipak, for example the composition of the shot does not allow the eye to travel further than the girls. I used pink text as it suggests girlishness, but when used with the masculine word 'Bullets' anchors the edginess of the band much portrayed in the video.

The poster uses the same text type and colour, that the digipack does. It is simple yet effective and anchores the digipack through its similarities. Through using a similar theme in both my digipack and poster apposed the theme used in my video, a cohesion is successful created. Each anchoring and discoursing the ideologies of the band.


What have you learned from your audience feedback?

The first time our video was screened which was in class, the feedback received was from my teachers. They had no criticism both saying it was excellent and ''could be on MTV''. After the initial screening I then screened my video to my family and friends who had the same responses as my teachers. I then gained video responses to my video and uploaded them straight to blogger. Through doing this I knew that what I had made was successful and should be left alone. Although everyone I had asked and shown the video to; there is one aspect of the video I would change. This being near the end of a split screen sequence there seems to be a gap. Unfortunately the macs did not save my timeline and deleted everything I had worked on so all I had was the saved quick time file that meant I could not change this. 

Throughout the editing and construction stages I was constantly receiving feedback from my group members and peers. I changed things that did not work and others did not understand. For example sometimes the order of shots meant the narrative was seen differently. The genre needed to be clear thorough the editing so this meant constantly asking my group members if they liked what I had edited and if they had any suggestions. My initial thought was to create a slick professional video. This I feel is successfully executed through my editing as I only received positive feedback. 

I was happy with the final turn out of my digipack. When I showed it to my teacher she said i should not have a single image of a single band member on the inside cover, as it did not form to the codes and conventions. I choose to keep the original as the ideologies of my band meant I was able to do this as they, them selves challenge the codes and conventions of stereotypical girl band. 


How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Research- When conducting my research NMT played a huge role. I used Youtube to search relevant and current music videos in order to analyse technique and evaluate them. This was in order to widen my understanding on the codes and conventions of music videos. Also it was easier to search music videos via youtube instead of on a music channel as I had instant access to what I needed. Where as on a music channel I may of had to wait until the video I wanted was shown. I gathered information from sites such as google and wikipedia to construct my artist research and analysis's. Also I used a site called glogster to make a mode board and Scribd to make a slide show for my case study. Blogger was an excellent way to make sure I was including the correct text in my own blog, as my teachers had blogs which I could access at school and at home.

Planning- Imovie a basic video editing programme was used to bring my story board to life as an animatic. This enabled me to gain an understanding on how the music video would look, and apply changes if needed. Once the animatic was finalised, I uploaded the film the group and I had shot. I made a rough cut on imovie of the video this could then be easily transferred to a more professional editing software programme called Final Cut Pro. Through the planning stages I also used Adobe Photoshop CS4 to open and experiment with the test shots of the band. I did this to help me set the contrasts relevant when editing the video. I used my mobile phone which has a quick internet connection to access my blog and my teachers blog, so I keep up to date with the work. Through the planning stages Youtube was also used to deconstruct other videos and help with genre recognition. NMT meant that I could download the song and send it via Bluetooth, to my phone and play it when filming in case the group did not have access to the Internet. 

Construction- When it came to finally constructing my music video I used Final Cut Pro to edit. The Internet played yet another role as I could download the song to place on the video. For my digipack and poster I used Photoshop. I was able to find record label logos on google to place on my Digipack and poster to create a more professional finish, as well as barcodes. Blogger was used constantly through out this stage as it was the primary source for my work to be posted on step by step. 

Evaluation- The evaluative stage of the project involved using my mobile phone to video different views and opinions of the music video I asked family members as well as peers. The videos where then uploaded to blogger. This allowed me to make relevant changes if needed. I used blogger to type and post my evaluation. 

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Here I gathered feedback from a peer. I asked two questions:
1. what did you like about the video?
2. Would you change anything ?

Feedback 2

I asked another peer the same questions.

Feedback 3